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There are so many products and services for pets out there it can be nearly impossible to know what your pet really needs and what really works. We’re sharing pet related businesses across UAE so you can focus on caring, protecting and spoiling your pet instead of spending hours browsing the internet researching the right services for him.

How to be listed

There are two ways to be listen on Petsguide.ae: if your business is already listed you can claim it and modify or add informations about what you offer. If your business is not yet listed you can create an account and add your business to the category you wish.

Claim existing listing

Click on the claim button and follow the instructions to request ownership of an existing business. 

Add your own listing

Register for an account choosing the plan that best suits you and add one or more listings of businesses you own.

Grooming on the go?

Would you like your pet to be groomed at your door steps ? Check out our list of mobile groomers and choose the one that you like most!

Looking for a vet?

Looking to find the best/cheapest/ best rated/ closest vet in town? Look no further! Check the list of our vets and chose the one that best fits your needs.

why to Microchip

Why to microchip your pet? Microchip can save your pet’s life. Microchipped pets have a higher chance to be reunited with their families. Coming soon the free microchip registration 

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Businesses we work with

Browser thousands of businesses ranging from pet food to veterinary clinics to get the best services for your beloved pet.

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